29 December 2022

Equipment Support from TİKA to the Children’s Hospital in Ukraine

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) improved the physical conditions of a children’s hospital in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and provided equipment support.

TİKA carried out maintenance and repair works in the pediatric internal diseases department no. 2 within the Children’s Clinic Hospital No. 8 in Kyiv and provided the necessary equipment support.

It was aimed to maintain the services of the hospital, established in 1910, in healthier conditions by strengthening its physical infrastructure.

Turkish Ambassador to Kyiv, Yağmur Ahmet Güldere, Head of the Internal Diseases Department, Neonila Mahrovska, TİKA’s Coordinator in Ukraine, Cüneyt Esmer, and the hospital personnel attended the opening of the department, renovation and equipment works of which were completed.

Approximately 3200 children are treated in a year at the hospital providing healthcare services for the children of low-income families and orphans.

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