16 June 2023

Equipment Support by TİKA to Farmer Families in Albania

35 families in need, who live off of agricultural production in the villages of the Albanian cities Lushnjë, Elbasan and Belsh, were provided with two-wheel tractors by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) in the scope of “Purchasing Agricultural Implement to Increase Agricultural Production and Productivity Project”.

Türkiye’s Ambassador to Tirana, Tayyar Kağan Atay; TİKA’s Coordinator in Tirana, Emine Gizem Başkan; Alternative of the Future Foundation (ALSAR) President Mehdi Gurra and the representatives of Turkish agency and institutes in the country attended the delivery ceremony.

Ambassador Atay mentioned in his statement that their projects, led by TİKA with the support of ALSAR Foundation, still go on. In this context, Atay recalled to the audience that fruit tree nursery was given to the families of orphans last year, especially to support women in agricultural production and also mentioned that seed and fertilizer support provided to families at the beginning of the year.

Thanking ALSAR Foundation and TİKA for their contributions, Atay said:

“As the last part of this series, we give agricultural tools, small tractor-like vehicles suitable for automation in particular, to 35 families. We, as the Embassy, are extremely happy to, especially; support the families in need Albania, with whom we have a great relationship, as much as we can. This is also a reflection of our wonderful relationship with Albania in the field. We are also extremely happy regarding the attention we have received.’’There is always courtesy towards Türkiye, towards Türkiye’s support. And we will always support our friend Albania whether in both good times and bad times.”

Ambassador Atay, stating that they put another project into effect to support the families of orphans, said: “This project is a follow-up of the projects that we carried out for the families of orphans who have agricultural land. This is a tool for all families with the opportunity to use their land, cultivate, earn income and invigorate their economy.”

Ensuring the families trying to produce on small scales are saving time, budget and labour, increasing income and contributing to agricultural productivity is the aim of the project led by TİKA.

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