12 September 2022

Employment Support by TİKA to Lebanese Youth

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has implemented a vocational development project intended for unemployed young population in Tripoli, city of Lebanon.

With a focus on production, revenue generating, and vocational development projects, another project has recently been implemented by TİKA in Lebanon.

Within the scope of the project as implemented in cooperation with Lebanese Association for Development (LAD), which carries out activities on health, education, and livelihoods in Tripoli, 10 electric motorcycles and helmets were provided to allow unemployed young people to perform delivery tasks. In addition, a charging station powered by solar energy was put into service in order to charge electric motorcycles due to problems encountered in electric supply throughout the country. With the project, 22 young individuals were provided employment opportunities. Moreover, being one of a kind and offering professional services in Tripoli, the project has also played a role indirectly in increasing sales of many restaurants, cafés, and business organizations and creating new indirect employment in the city.

Among the participants of the opening ceremony for the project were Ali Barış Ulusoy, the Republic of Türkiye Beirut Ambassador, Orhan Aydın, TİKA Beirut Program Coordinator, officials from LAD as well as volunteer university students who were in the city within the scope of TPP Lebanese program in addition to some of the artisans and craftspeople benefiting from the project.

In his speech, Saad Alameddin, President of LAD, explained that the project was implemented about 4 to 5 weeks ago and currently served with a capacity ratio by 90% and emphasized that the project provided direct employment opportunities to 22 people and even more indirect employment opportunities to many people. Alameddin also stated that they continued their activities thanks to this eco-friendly project without being adversely affected by certain challenges introduced by record-breaking increase in fuel costs in addition to problems in electric supply during the recent period.

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