28 November 2022

Education Support from TİKA and TRT to Türkmeneli TV

In cooperation with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), training for the journalists of Türkmeneli TV broadcasting in Iraq was organized.

In cooperation with TİKA and TRT, 55 journalists in Kirkuk were given training covering the topics of visual media informatics applications, camerawork, journalism, and new media journalism.

Journalists who successfully completed their training were presented with certificates at a ceremony.

TRT shares its broadcast experience with the world

Speaking at the ceremony, Fethi Fahri Kaya, Deputy General Manager of TRT, said that TRT, in cooperation with TİKA, aims to share its broadcasting experience with the world. Kaya stated that 55 employees of Türkmeneli TV benefited from the training within this frame.

TİKA’s Coordinator in Baghdad, Mustafa Yazıcı noted that as TİKA, they have been carrying out projects and training in various fields to strengthen the human resource and relations with fellow societies. Yazıcı thanked the expert staff of TRT for their devotion.

“TİKA and TRT are always there for us”

In his speech, Hanefi Uzunçam, General Manager of Türkmeneli TV, stated that Türkmeneli TV is one of the most important broadcasting corporations which broadcast in Turkish in the region and that increasing human resources through media training is important. Expressing that TİKA has provided great support for strengthening and digitalizing the physical infrastructure of Türkmeneli TV, Uzunçam said, “TİKA and TRT are always there for us. We thank them for their support.”

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