02 August 2013

Classical Turkish Music Concerts In Jerusalem And Ramallah

Classical Turkish Music Concerts In Jerusalem And Ramallah

The Classical Turkish Music concerts, a pleasant and exemplary project to serve as a bridge in the field of culture and arts between two countries was organized through a cooperation between the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate and the Palestine Ministry of Culture in Jerusalem and Ramallah.

The Istanbul Turkish Classical Music Group, comprised of some of the most influential names in Turkey, performed in the Palestine National Theatre in Jerusalem. The group which is comprised of Dr. Murat Salim Tokaç on the Tanbur and Ney, Yurdal Tokcan on the Lute, Derya Türkan on the Kemancha, soloist Mehmet Kemiksiz, Fahrettin Yarkın on Rhythm and Hakan Güngör on the Zither provided the audience with an emotional performance and drew heavy applause.

The program, which was attended by a large number of high officials including the Palestinian Minister of Culture Dr. Enver Ebû Ayşa, was appreciated greatly by the public. The program was also attended by Turkey’s Ambassador to Palestine Sakir Özkan Torunlar and TİKA Assistant Chairman Mehmet Süreyya Er in representation of Turkey.

In the statement made by TİKA Assistant Chairman Er after the program he said that contributions made to Palestine would continue in every field through TİKA. TİKA Assistant Chairman Er added that they as TİKA were pleased to have played a part in this enjoyable activity taking place today which served as a reminder of the historical, religious and cultural ties between the two countries. Palestinian Minister of Culture Dr. Ayşa who issued statements on behalf of Palestine said that it was a very successful concert and hoped that such activities together would be repeated in the future. Palestinian Minister of Culture Dr. Ayşa thanked Turkey for its contribution.

After Jerusalem the program was performed again in Ramallah at the El-Kasaba Sinema Hall and Culture Center. The concert in Ramallah was greeted with great enthusiasm by the audience. The audience gave a long standing ovation to the performers at the end of the program.

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