26 July 2022

Certificates Presented to Journalists Who Completed the 21st Term of the War Journalism Training

A total of 22 journalists, including 14 foreign journalists, attended the “War Journalism Training,” held by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Anadolu Agency (AA), and the Turkish National Police Academy.

Journalists from Chad, Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Niger, Somalia, Sudan, and Libya attended the training, which was organized for Africa after the Türkiye-Africa Forum, held in Türkiye in May.

During the 12-day training, participants attended applied modules such as advanced driving techniques, surviving in water, and first aid, which aim to train operational correspondents who will work during wars, disasters, and emergencies.

In his speech at the certificate presentation ceremony held after the training, Mustafa Haşim Polat, Training Projects Coordinator at TİKA, stated that the War Journalism Training would be helpful to journalists not only in wars and conflict zones, but in all challenging conditions.

Oğuz Karakaş, Project Management Coordinator at AA, noted that journalists are among those who are most affected by wars and conflicts, work in difficult conditions to do their jobs, and face dangers.

Ufuk Ayhan, Vice President of the Turkish National Police Academy, stated that the interest in war journalism increased after the war in Ukraine. He said, “Wars break out whether we like it or not. Therefore, we believe that the demand for this training would further increase in the long term.”

After the speeches of special guests, the trainees took the stage and described the experience they gained during the training. They thanked the Turkish people, especially TİKA, AA, and the Turkish National Police Academy, for their support.

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