15 September 2023

“Calligraphy Exhibition” Supported by TİKA Was Opened in Uzbekistan

“Calligraphy Exhibition”, formed by Turkish calligraphy artists’ works and supported by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), was opened for visitation in Tashkent, capitol city of Uzbekistan.

Calligraphy Exhibition, which was formed by Turkish calligraphy artists’ works, took place in the Art Gallery in Tashkent between 12th and 23rd of September with the support of TİKA and Albayrak Group. On its opening ceremony, Ambassador to Tashkent Olgan Bekar, Advisor to the Uzbekistan Minister of Culture Şavkat Artikov, TİKA’s coordinator in Tashkent Ali Riza Tezcan, Albayrak Media’s Manager of Sales and Marketing Abdullah Hanönü and many guests were present.

In his speech, Hanönü emphasized that the Exhibition of Calligraphy is prepared by Albayrak Group every year with a different theme and it took place in Uzbekistan this time, one of the countries Türkiye considers to be bound heart to heart. He stated the fact that this is the first exhibition they have ever prepared abroad, and the exhibition, the theme of which is “O Believers”, is presented to the art lovers in Tashkent, one of the most archaic cities of the Islamic civilization. He also stated that in the exhibition which was prepared in cooperation with TİKA, approximately 30 works of art were present.

Advisor to the Uzbekistan Minister of Culture Artikov stated that this is the first exhibition of calligraphy that has ever took place in Uzbekistan and thanked the Turkish side for it. Artikov emphasized that he believes the exhibition will contribute to the development of the cultural bonds between the two countries.

“Quran was formed in Hijaz, read in Egypt and written in İstanbul.”

Ambassador Bekar stated that the relation between Türkiye and Uzbekistan is developing fast in every field, with the base of the history and strong sisterhood the two countries have. He also emphasized that within this scope, it is important to have stronger cultural bonds between Türkiye and Fatherland Uzbekistan, which is in the heart of Asia and in the center of the Silk Road. Bekar emphasized that cultural activities such as the calligraphy exhibition, which has been opened and brings the delicate products of common cultures to the attention of art lovers, are an extension of this.

TİKA has carried out nearly 1000 projects in Uzbekistan

TİKA’s Coordinator in Tashkent, Tezcan stated that the original founding purpose of TİKA is to provide the Middle Asian states that have recently been independent with the necessary technical support and TİKA’s first offices were opened in this geography. He also emphasized that the Uzbekistan office has carried out approximately 1000 projects.

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