18 October 2023

Broadcasting Experience of Türkiye Shared with the World by TİKA and TRT

In cooperation with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and TRT and in order to increase the professional capacity of the members of the press from friendly countries, the third of the training for the staff of Türkmeneli Televizyonu in Iraq was completed.

With the one-week training held in TRT Arabia channel, 6 journalists from Iraq Türkmeneli TV received the applied training on "Being a Reporter, Editor and Speaker".

54 staff members of Türkmeneli TV had attended the "Visual Media Informatics Applications, Camerawork, Journalism, and New Media Journalism" training held within the "Türkmeneli TV Media Training Program" organized in 2022 in Iraq-Kirkuk with the cooperation of TRT and TİKA.

14 journalists from Türkmeneli TV attended the last applied training.

Giving a speech at the closing ceremony of the training, the Director of TRT Arabia, İbrahim Kılıç stated that they will continue to share the broadcasting experience to the world with the cooperation of TİKA and TRT.

The General Manager of Türkmeneli TV, Hanefi Uzunçam, thanked both organizations for the training and emphasized that this training directly contributed to the professional competence of the staff.

He stated that the training will continue in the future.

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