03 November 2022

An Environmentally Friendly Project from TİKA in Lebanon

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided equipment for the solid waste recycling centre in Chouf in Mount Lebanon Governorate, where the Druze are in majority.

The solid waste recycling centre was established within the scope of a project that aimed to recycle the solid waste in Chouf. The project was started in a few houses by a group of volunteers who set out on their journey with the motto “Zero Waste Society” with the cooperation of Kfarnabrakh Municipality and Zero Waste Community. The centre gathers the waste from many towns and hundreds of collection points. Because of insufficient equipment, however, the waste brought to the centre used to be kept as it was and then sold at low prices.

With TİKA’s equipment support, the centre has changed into a real recycling centre from a collection centre, and its capacity has increased. Now it is possible to smash and compress solid waste such as glass, plastic and carton and turn it a much more valuable raw material at the centre. The objectives of the project are to prevent the existing trash crisis in Lebanon from worsening, prevent soil and water pollution, raise environmental awareness for a sustainable world and create new employment opportunities.

Türkiye’s Ambassador to Beirut, Ali Barış Ulusoy, TİKA’s Coordinator, Orhan Aydın, Kfarnabrakh Mayor, Wisam Al Ghadban, members of Chouf Development Agency and members of Zero Waste Community participated in the opening ceremony.

On the occasion of the project, Velid Canbolat, the Druze leader of the Progressive Socialist Party welcomed Türkiye’s Ambassador to Beirut, Ali Barış Ulusoy and TİKA’s Coordinator, Orhan Aydın in his place in Chouf.

Velid Canbolat, the Druze leader made a statement and said “TİKA’s support to Lebanon, particularly this region, is very important and useful in such an economically challenging period.”

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