23 March 2018

An Education Initiative in Africa by Turkey

For the “Vocational Training Center” in Cameroon, for which Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) will provide the construction service, equipment and training programs, an intergovernmental execution protocol was signed between the two countries.

Minister of National Education İsmet Yılmaz and Cameroonian Minister of Employment and Vocational Training Zacharie Perevet attended the signing ceremony for the “Technology Transfer in Vocational Training Project Execution Protocol”.

Minister Yılmaz stated that Turkey wants to improve its relations with Cameroon on all areas.

He shared the following details related to the Technology Transfer in Vocational Training Project Execution Protocol between Turkey and Cameroon:

“We will meet the requirements of the protocol together as TİKA and the Ministry of National Education. As part of the protocol, a center of excellence will be established in Cameroon to offer vocational training. Vocational training centers for garment manufacturing and construction technology will be set up, and training programs will be provided for teachers and students with Cameroon. In-service trainings will be organized in Turkey and Cameroon for Cameroonian teachers. Laboratories and workshops of vocational training centers will be equipped. Furthermore, business people, who would like to make investments related to vocational training centers, will be offered guidance and consultancy services.

Once the vocational training institutions we will establish in Cameroon with TİKA become operational, we hope that other African countries are going to see this project as a sample case and they will ask Turkey to expand this initiative to other African states.”

“The center will boost employment in the country.”

Cameroonian Minister Perevet pointed out that the relations between the two countries depend on fraternity and friendship.

Perevet noted that the signing of the protocol denotes a new and significant milestone for the relationship between the two countries and said, “With this important protocol, Turkey expresses that it is ready to support education in Cameroon.”

Perevet stated that they are very happy that the center of excellence is being established in Cameroon, and that the center will focus on clothing and construction industries and therefore, they will boost employment.

Perevet pointed out that Cameroonian Government allocated a 2-hectare land for the project and that he is going to do his utmost to complete the project.

Perevet emphasized that they would be glad to host the highest-ranking officials from Turkey during the opening of the vocational training center and concluded his remarks by saying, “Long Live Turkish-Cameroonian Cooperation”.

After they gave their speeches, Minister of National Education Yılmaz and Cameroonian Minister of Employment and Vocational Training Perevet signed the “Technology Transfer in Vocational Training Project Execution Protocol”.


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