23 March 2018

AA and TİKA's "Diplomatic Correspondence Training" Produced Graduates

Foreign journalists, who completed the "Diplomatic Correspondence Training" carried out through a collaboration of Anadolu Agency (AA) and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), were presented their certificates during a ceremony.

25 journalists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Mongolia participated in the training program organized under the AA News Academy.

During the trainings, which included visits to various institutions, courses were provided on the foreign policy issues and collaborations of these countries.

During a ceremony held in the AA Headquarters’ Conference Hall, 25 participants who successfully completed the program were awarded certificates of achievement and participation.

AA's International Operations Director Ural Yeşil and TİKA's Education Projects Coordinator Mustafa Haşim Polat presented the certificates to the participants.

"Journalists can either start a war or contribute to peace"

During his speech at the ceremony, Polat emphasized the importance of striving to become a good journalist and said, "Journalists can either start a war or contribute to peace." They can either escalate hostility or foster fraternity in the society. Professionally, journalism has the potential to pave the way for great achievements." 

Polat touched upon the importance of diplomatic correspondence in international relations and said, "What you write may lead to the continuation of wars or conflict between two countries. You have the power to nurture peace even in times of war; you are capable of achieving this."

In his speech, AA's International Operations Director Yeşil expressed that particularly in the last 5 years, AA has increased its efforts to bring together people of different nations, cultures and languages. Yeşil mentioned that during this period, they had employees from 107 different countries.

Yeşil said the following: "In terms of geography, Central Asia and the regions you all have come from mean a lot to us. Turkey's ties with such nations are very important. We at AA see each and every one of you as honorary representatives of your native countries."

Moreover, Yeşil indicated that AA had representatives in most of the countries the participants came from and expressed the agency was ready to offer assistance in all areas. 

"TİKA and AA have always lent a helping hand to sister nations"

Deputy Coordinator of the AA News Academy Hayri Çetinkuş drew attention to the importance of the training carried out through the collaboration between AA and TİKA and said, "TİKA and AA have always lent a helping hand to sister nations." The two organizations not only offer training but also serve through other projects and will continue to do so." 

Çetinkuş expressed that the journalists from sister nations located in Central Asia and the Caucasus have completed the diplomatic correspondence training and he said, "Turkey is located right at the center of the continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa and the regions of the Caucasus, the Middle East, and the Balkans. It has closely witnessed all significant developments in these regions over the centuries."

Çetinkuş highlighted that Turkey has been expanding efforts to resolve conflicts through diplomacy and said, "For this reason, a profound diplomatic memory dating back to the Ottoman era has been established. AA conveys this invaluable diplomatic memory to media professionals in Turkey as well as to foreign journalists through collaborations with institutions such as TİKA and YTB."

Moreover, Çetinkuş expressed that the biggest proof of the importance Turkey places on diplomacy is currently being witnessed and said, "While Turkey's rightful Operation Olive Branch is underway, everyone -including yourselves- has been witnessing the extensive use of diplomatic channels."  

Çetinkuş stated that the primary objectives were to contribute to the professional experience of the participants, who were hosted in Turkey for a period of two weeks, to create a mutual network between nations, and to contribute to public diplomacy; he also extended his gratitude to AA and TİKA directors for their support of the trainings. 

Parvana Rahimova, who holds a position at the Azerbaijan State News Agency, gave a speech on behalf of the participants during the ceremony in which she thanked TİKA, AA, and the AA News Academy and expressed that she was pleased to have taken part in such an invaluable project. 

Rahimova mentioned that during the trainings, they had the opportunity to become familiarized with various organizations in Turkey and learn about their activities and policies. 

The training was organized with the aim of equipping journalists with the necessary skills and knowledge on diplomacy and energy to more effectively keep track of foreign policy and developments particularly in Central Asia and the Caucasus. 

Trainings on "Energy Correspondence," "Diplomatic Correspondence," "Economy-Finance Correspondence" and "War Correspondence" will be offered by TİKA and AA in the future. 

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