05 August 2021

A Symposium on Global Powers and Middle East Was Held in Istanbul with the Support of TİKA

“Global Powers and Middle East Symposium” was held in Istanbul with the support of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

Organized in cooperation with the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (ORSAM) and International Arab Network for Arab Societies Study (INASS), the “Global Powers and Middle East Symposium” was held at the Rectorate building of Istanbul University with the support of TİKA.

Nearly 100 researchers, academics, and experts from nearly 20 countries attended the symposium in person or online. Representatives from about 40 research centers working on the Middle East came together at the forum organized as part of the symposium.

The symposium was held to convey the policies of global powers towards the Middle East and North Africa, to analyze the effects of conflicts in the Middle East on great power competition and to analyze the nature of alliances between great powers and regional allies. Also, issues such as security, development and colonialism, the impact of the global economy and the reflection of the competition between global powers in the Middle East were discussed.

In the sessions broadcast live through social media, the experts had the opportunity to address a wider audience while discussing the issues related to Middle East.

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