26 August 2013

200 Thousand Dollars In Aid For Native Americans

200 Thousand Dollars In Aid For Native Americans


The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate will provide 200 thousand dollars in aid to Native Americans living in Oregon in the Western part of the US.
The aid to be provided to the Native Americans by TİKA was announced in a reception organized at the Turkish Embassy compound in Washington. The event was attended by the Washington Ambassador Namık Tan, TİKA Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam, the chief of the Warm Springs Reservation Joseph Moses, a number of Native Americans and other guests. During the evening a symbolic check for 200 thousand dollars was presented to Warm Springs Reservation Chief Moses. In addition to the monetary support TİKA will provide water to nearly 5 thousand Native Americans living in the Warm Springs Area.

We are happy to be contributing to friendly people
In the speech made by TİKA Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam at the reception, he said that they wanted to complete the project towards the middle of next year. TİKA Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam who said that the project had been presented to them nearly a year ago added “As work that would contribute indirectly to Turkish-US relations, we evaluated the project as soon as it was brought to us. Due to our Prime Minister’s enthusiasm in supporting this project we are now here carrying out this symbolic project. In this wide area of inhabitants we as Turkey are contributing to the work by supplying a water depot and its plumbing”. TİKA Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam concluded his speech by expressing their pleasure at contributing to the friendly locals of Oregon.

A Modest beginning
Washington Ambassador Tan said that they had been keeping in touch with the Native American tribes for quite some time. Ambassador Tan, who said that they had been thinking about what kind of contribution they could make to the Native Americans living here to make life easier for them added “We first thought about making a contribution in commerce but later we saw that they really need small simple assistance in their lives. Then we knocked on the door of TİKA”.

Washington Ambassador Tan who pointed out that TİKA has carried out a number of different projects abroad to be proud of added “TİKA has taken the efforts we started here and reinforced it to become an even more beneficial process. Strengthening our ties with Native Americans is a modest beginning for us”.

We owe you our gratitude
The Warm Springs Reservation Chief Moses said that the project will make life much easier for them. While emphasizing that the friendly bonds with Turkey will continue, the Warm Springs Reservation Chief Moses expressed his thanks for the aid.

Warm Springs Reservation Chief Moses said that the 200 thousand dollar aid will provide support for the 720 student capacity school which they are in the process of building. It was learned later that Warm Springs Reservation Chief Moses also asked for TİKA’s support in a 700 homes project which will bring all the spread out Native Americans together and the continued school construction in addition to the water reservoir and plumbing installation.

The Native Americans who came from the Warm Springs Reservation performed examples from their native music. The Native Americans gave TİKA Chairman Dr. Serdar Çam a local musical instrument and a blanket while the TİKA chairman also presented some traditional gifts to the Native Americans. During the event, samples of pictures from the Yıldız Palace photography archives were also presented on display.


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