08 July 2022

12th International Scouting Summer Camp Was Organized in North Macedonia with TİKA’s Support

12th International Scouting Summer Camp was organized in Ohri in North Macedonia with the support of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

The summer camp was organized by Türkiye Scouting Federation and North Macedonia based Kalkan Foundation with the support of TİKA. TİKA’s Skopje Coordinator, Halim Ömer Söğüt, President of Türkiye Scouting Federation, Hasan Dinçer Subaşı, Turkish Maarif Foundation’s Representative in North Macedonia, Mehmet Baran, Director of Skopje Yunus Emre Institute, Serhat Kula, President of Macedonian Association of Turkish Non-Governmental Organizations (MATÜSİTEB), Hüsrev Emin as well as representatives from Turkish institutions in the country and hundreds of scouters from Türkiye and Balkan countries attended the ceremony.

President of Türkiye Scouting Federation, Subaşı gave a speech and said, “The best sentences are the briefest ones. Everyone here is a part of a shared culture. They are real brothers. Do not forget that your hearts can cross the boundaries of lands. We should be so loving that that we can reach our true limits and extend them towards our brotherhood and friendship with all our brothers and sisters.”

TİKA’s Skopje Coordinator, Söğüt said that Türkiye is trying to give a helping hand and added, “TİKA has been providing support to non-governmental organizations and foundations so that our people and communities can raise their voice. I hope that the activities of non-governmental organizations will continue increasingly.”  

President of Kalkan Foundation, Cengiz Destan stated that all scouters are organizing diverse scouting activities with a spirit of brotherhood today and said, “We tried to reflect the Ottomans in real sense. Today scouters from different nations and different regions got together and fought for a common cause although not all of them spoke the same language. Even this environment shows why such an event is so important.”  

Also, the institutions that supported the 12th International Scouting Summer Camp, primarily Anadolu Agency, were presented plaquettes by Kalkan Scouting Club and Kalkan Foundation. During the program, North Macedonia based Yeni Hayat Foundation performed a folk dance, too.

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